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Helpful Property and Support Documents

Although every case is different, the following is a suggested list of basic documents.  The number of years/months for records is a  suggestion and will ultimately depend on the circumstances of your case.   At our first meeting, it is not necessary that you have all of these documents.  If you have access to information, it is helpful to have an overview of your household income and your assets and liabilities.   Please organize the information in the below order:

Income Tax Returns-  Personal returns, including all W-2’s and other attachments for the last 3 years. 

Employment Records – Pay stubs, employment letter, Wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions, raises, promotions, expense accounts, perqs of employment, etc.

Financial Statements – Submitted to banks, lending institutions, or any persons or entities,  prepared  during the last three years.

Loan Applications –Loans applied for, whether approved or not, for the last three years.

Real Estate – All deeds, closing statements, tax bills, appraisals, mortgages, security agreements, leases, etc.

Motor Vehicles – Titles to all motor vehicles including automobiles, boats or any other type of motor vehicle.

Banking Information – Monthly bank statement for banks, savings and loan institutions, credit union, or other institutions held individually jointly, or as a trustee or guardian

Brokerage Statements –Statements of securities and mutual funds  held individually, jointly, or as a trustee or guardian.

Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds – Certificates held individually,

Stock Options/Restricted Stock – all records pertaining to stock options held in any corporation or other entity, exercised or not.

Pension, Profit Sharing, Deferred Compensation Agreement, and Retirement Plans, IRA, 401K, 4013B, etc.. – or any other kind of plan you are or have been a participant during the marriage.

Life Insurance –Currently in existence, in which either party is   named as either owner, primary or contingent beneficiary.

Corporate Interests/Partnership/Joint Ventures – All records indicating any interest.  If a business will need to be valued, I will provide a separate list.

Membership – documents identifying participation rights in any country clubs or any type of private clubs

Outstanding Debts – Documents reflecting all debts owed, secured or unsecured, including personal loans and lawsuits now pending or previously filed in any court, credit card debt, etc.. showing the name of the debtor and/or creditors, the date each debt was incurred, the total amount, and the unpaid balance.

Wills and Trust Agreements –  In which either of you have a present or contingent interest or in which you are named a beneficiary or trustee.